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About Entotek Bio Consulting Ltd

Entotek-Bio Consulting was set up in 2013 by Co-Directors, Garry Pease and Federica Milanesi. Entotek became a limited company in 2014. We have been working together since 2000, initially for six years within GLP contract field studies for the major multi-national pesticide companies.

Between 2006 and 2013 we both moved into development and registration of novel bioprotectants for an SME start-up company occupying positions in field testing, registrations, team and executive management.


 IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association)

Entotek-Bio Consulting Ltd. are an Associate Member of the IBMA and actively involved with achievement of the association’s goals on behalf of its members.

We provide support with lobbying, dissemination, presentation at key events and technical input to Professional Group activities.

IOBC (International Organisation for Biological & Integrated Control)

Entotek-Bio Consulting Ltd. are a long-standing member of the IOBC. Attendance at key events and publication in IOBC-WPRS literature and Bulletins.

AAB (Association of Applied Biologists)

Entotek-Bio Consulting Ltd. are members of the AAB, attending key events and keeping up to date with the work of the Association.



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